Vastu Shastra For House

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    There is nothing more elegant, serene, and special than a beautifully furnished house. But, what really adds icing to the cake is a magnificent structure that brings in prosperity and abundance for the inmates; helping them grow financially, spiritually, mentally and physically. The finest and luckiest houses around the world have been built according to vastu shastra for house.
    Here are Few Tips To Follow When Building A House
    A plot which has all the corners ninety degrees with road at two sides back and front is an excellent plot.
    The guest room must be built in the northwest direction.
    The master bedroom should be in the southwest direction.
    The land for the house should face southwest, south or west. Buy plots which are square or rectangular in shape.
    The bathroom and the kitchen must be adjacent to one another.
    Never keep a broken mirror in the house.
    The veranda must never be close to eastern or northern compound wall.
    According to vastu shastra for house, do not grow huge trees in east or north instead they must be grown in the western or southern side of a house.
    It good to have cross ventilation in the house.
    Never hang pictures depicting negative emotions, war scenes, eagles, owls, and the like.
    Never construct a room below the staircase.
    The height of the rooms must be about twelve to fourteen feet.
    The main door of the house must be bigger than the other doors
    The doors must open inwards towards the room.
    Windows must be three feet above ground level. It best if they open from the eastern and northern sides of a building.
    A well,X, boring or other pits must be in the north-east direction.
    Bhoomi Pujan should be done in the centre or North-East.
    West and South compound walls must be heavier and higher than East and North compound walls.
    Kitchen is normally built in the South-east direction.
    South-west is kept for the master bedroom.
    North-east is where the under-water tank is built.
    South-west is where the over-head tank is placed.
    North-west area is reserved for guest rooms and unmarried girls.
    No cellars are built inside a residential construction
    Buildings don touch northern compound walls
    Stair cases are constructed in the southern direction.
    Begin excavating from the north-west.
    Start the foundation from the south-west.
    Windows and doors are kept in even numbers
    Doors open inwards
    Kitchen and bathroom doors open outwards
    Boring is created in the north east direction
    The rain water must flow from the southern direction to the northern direction and from west to east only.
    The sages who created vastu shastra for house believed that if the construction of a building is strong then Vastu works exceptionally well. We should follow the basic rules laid out by the system as it helps in preserving harmony and keeping the negative energies at bay. Remember, simple steps can completely transform your life for good. Happy creating,X!

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