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17. April 1986 (Alter: 34)


+BERND+, 34

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22. Januar 2004
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  • Über mich

    17. April 1986 (Alter: 34)

    mein Freund, Tennis, Tauchen, Zeichnen, Manga/Anime, Tanzen, Ballett, Klavier, Musik hoeren.........


    [color=00FFFF]Heroically, with bravery, I'll go on with my life, but if the two of us should get split up, by whatever means... Take my revolution.[/color] [color=00F0FF]In the sunny garden, we held each other's hands, drew close together and soothed each other with the words, "Neither of us will ever fall in love again."[/color] [color=00C0FF]Into this photograph of us smiling cheek to cheek, I took a bit of loneliness, and crammed it inside.[/color] [color=00A0FF]Even in my dreams, even through my tears, even though being hurt,reality is approaching now, frantically.[/color] [color=0080FF]What I want now is to find out just where I belong, and my self-worth, up through today.[/color] [color=0060FF]Heroically, I'll throw away my clothes 'til I'm nude, like the roses dancing all around me, whirling free.[/color] [color=0040FF]But if the two of us should get split up by whatever means, I swear to you, I will change the world.[/color]
    Ich gruesse: meinen RL freund Bernd (Mr.Bone) den ich ueber alles liebe :kiss:, meine beste freundin Nadine (Cauli) :knuddel: und ihren freund Sascha (flatw), Shampoo die ne supi freundin ist :knuddel:, KuirinZ, Dukie, DBVGokuSSJ7, SSJ Vegetto, Killy und meine ganzen anderen freunde und meine familie