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  • Über mich

    *am 24.11. 1-jähriges Jubiläum hier hat* gratuliert oder sterbt! o_O"


    [color=000000](¯`[color=303030]•[/color][color=404040].[/color][color=606060]ø[/color] [color=606060]ø[/color][color=404040].[/color][color=303030]•[/color]´¯)
    Linkin Park - Papercut
    (_.[color=303030]•[/color][color=404040].[/color][color=606060]ø[/color] [color=606060]ø[/color][color=404040].[/color][color=303030]•[/color]._)

    [color=990000]Why does it feel like night[/color] today?
    Something [color=990000]in here's not[/color] righttoday.
    Why [color=990000]am I so uptight today?[/color]
    [color=990000]Paranoia's all I got left[/color]
    I don't [color=990000]know[/color] what [color=990000]stressed[/color] me first
    Or [color=990000]how the[/color] pressure [color=990000]was[/color] fed
    But [color=990000]I[/color] know [color=990000]just[/color] what it [color=990000]feels[/color] like
    To [color=990000]have[/color] a voice [color=990000]in[/color] the back of [color=990000]my[/color] head
    [color=990000]It's[/color] like a [color=990000]face[/color] that I hold [color=990000]inside[/color]
    A [color=990000]face that[/color] awakes when I [color=990000]close my[/color] eyes
    A [color=990000]face[/color] watches every [color=990000]time[/color] I [color=990000]lie[/color]
    A face [color=990000]that[/color] laughs every [color=990000]time[/color] I fall
    ([color=990000]And[/color] watches [color=990000]everything[/color])
    So I know [color=990000]that[/color] when it's [color=990000]time to[/color] sink or swim
    That the face inside [color=990000]is[/color] hearing me
    Right underneath [color=990000]my[/color] skin